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Ted is on a mission to help you achieve endless income with bold thinking. The Bauman Letter uses a commonsense approach to help you grow your wealth and live the live you’ve always dreamed of. His investment strategy uses four simple criteria to help you make smart investment decisions that are driven less by emotion and more on earning endless income.

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Investing is the only true path to sustained prosperity and wealth. Speculation is just informed gambling. That’s why I write The Bauman Letter for you … as an investor.

You invest in companies — in sound businesses. You don’t just speculate on stock moves. Anyone can take a gamble for a short-term win, but those wins are few and far between.

In The Bauman Letter, I focus on long-term trends to achieve real double- and triple-digit gains for you. My goal is to help people like you achieve financial stability and freedom. Because I know what it’s like to worry about finances. For much of my life, I wasn’t wealthy.

But about 12 years ago, I decided to make a change. I decided to improve my financial position and increase my wealth.

It took time, but gradually I built up an investment portfolio for myself. Painstakingly, I learned — sometimes through mistakes! — how an average person of modest means can achieve complete financial freedom.

And I achieved that freedom for myself.

The Bauman Letter is my way of sharing those lessons with you.

No matter if you’re building up from a small base or if you are financially secure, my system for accumulating wealth will help your investments do better.

I’m going to do this for you with bold thinking. And it starts by respecting where you are as an investor … not by imposing a “one size fits all” investing approach on you.

I designed The Bauman Letter specifically for people who want a range of investment options … not just risky speculative bets.

I do recommend stocks with the potential for great short-term gains. But my model investment portfolio also includes stocks with great steady growth potential, as well as dividend-paying income investments.

So you see, whatever your financial goals, whatever stage of life you’re in and whatever your investment profile, The Bauman Letter has something for you!

If you’re retired and looking for dependable income streams or if you’re looking for a more aggressive trading strategy — this is the system for you.

And rest assured that no matter the type of trade I recommend, every investment must meet the four criteria of my BOLD system before I decide it’s the right fit for us.

That means every position has a Big Vision, a business model that’s Open for Takeoff and recent developments that make it a Logical Move for investors today. To top it off, it should have a Distinct Catalyst that makes it stand out from its peers.

The Bauman Letter includes:

  • Twelve issues of my premium monthly newsletter. Every month, I will give you my big-picture view of trends heating up in the world. I’ll also recommend an investment set to benefit from that shift, getting you ahead of the curve. Be it fast-moving stocks, steady income-generating real estate investment trusts, bonds or another type of investment — I will have you on the path to a truly secure financial future.
  • Weekly updates. Every week, I will send you a video from my home in Atlanta, giving you streamlined updates on what’s happening in the world and our portfolio. These updates will keep you up to date on new opportunities to grow your wealth while answering any questions you may have about our positions.
  • Trade Alerts. When we need to take profits on an existing position, I will send you an email that will explain exactly what you need to do. You can make the trade over your phone, desktop or tablet. It’s that easy.
  • 24/7 access to The Bauman Letter portfolio. Our portfolio includes every position that’s on my “buy now” list. Whenever I recommend a trade, I will add it to our portfolio. The portfolio will tell you what to buy, at what price to buy it and when to sell.
  • A subscription to Bauman Daily. Throughout the week, my team and I will share our market insights, trend analysis and unique opportunities so you can keep capturing outsized gains through all kinds of markets.
  • Direct support from a dedicated customer service team: We have a dedicated, “top of the line” customer service team here to answer any questions you may have about your subscription.

With all that said, I hope you will enjoy your journey to financial independence!

You and your best interests are at the heart of what we do with The Bauman Letter.

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Ted Bauman
Editor, The Bauman Letter


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