I am new to your letter, and was encouraged to learn there are those with a sense of commitment to those who are not "privileged." There is so much need in our world to know how to develop a stable financial life. Thank you!

— Mary D.

A breath of fresh air! Your newsletter on the economic benefits of universal healthcare was right on the money as far as I am concerned.

— Judy G.

I just started with this membership and after reading your first email, I am touched that someone like YOU still exist on this earth who is interested and has passion in helping others like me to better their lives.

— Emma R.


Ted loves feedback. Many of Ted’s readers have obliged. They have reached out about his investment strategy and his insight into the financial world. Here’s what they had to say:

I think it is an excellent idea to create income producing portfolio that will provide income a) from dividend-generating sources and b) from profitable trading. I absolutely agree with you that buy and hold strategy does not work in the current, highly volatile market and we need this combined approach with at least weekly overview. Thank you for your thoughtful approach. – Victor

Thank you so much for this lifeline … I strongly perceive this as a divine intervention! I’m an IT Consultant and from the second half of last year, my contract ended and it has been a struggle since. I’m currently looking and searching for a new contract. I’m all up at your disposal for anything that will help me secure a formidable future since I don’t know so much about this, I want something that will help me and my family have a strong and solid financial future and have the freedom of enjoying retirement with peace of mind without any financial burden. I want to be able to live well and have the freedom to do what I want and when I want to without any financial burden or constraints. I know this is my first and best decision for 2019. – Alexander

I am new to your letter and was encouraged to learn there are those with a sense of commitment to those who are not “privileged.” There is so much need in our world to know how to develop a stable financial life. Thank you! — Mary D.

Your insight helps to provide some very valuable and thought-out insight to many of the dilemmas that are facing the more responsible citizens of this country. Please keep them coming! I’d start feeling pretty lonely out here if you decided to take a break. Keep on keeping on as long as you can, Ted. I’m sure there are many others of us out here that look forward to the always welcomed, vicarious visits with your valuable insights. — Ralph T.

Thank you for being you. You are a wonderful mix of the integrity of your father and the spirit of a maverick. Your knowledgeable and well-thought-out advice is not only helpful, it is entertaining. I admire your individualism and your gracious spirit. Thank you for sharing with us. — Jane M.

I like your talent and clarity in how you follow the lead to where innovation is launching us … I know nothing about how money builds. All I know is that I have seed money. The idea of investing in sound visions that can transform lives is wisdom, and that is what I hear in your voice. Your passion is to find balance. I was drawn to your vision — the way you saw yourself making your research accessible to us. That inspired me. I cannot wait to peak over your shoulder and learn from you.  Miriam T.

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